Oguragahama, Hyuga-shi, Miyazaki-ken
(Wednesday, October 9th, 2013)

2013 ASP JAPAN TOUR EVENT 7 "Malibu HYUGA PRO" consisted of Mens Star Series 1 Star event, along with mens longboard 1 star, and womens longboard 1 star events will be held this coming weekend OCT.12th(SAT) to OCT 14th(MON)(National Holiday) at Okuragahama Beach in Hyuga-shi, Miyazaki-ken,

The event boasts \1,500,000- total prize money on offer for the Star Series 1 star event, along with $5,000- for the mens LQS event and $2,000- for the womens LQS event named the " MALIBU HYUGA PRO LONGBOARD" respectively.

This year in 2013, for the WQS alone, ASP Japan finished the 4 Star event in May in Chiba, 3 Star in July in Kanagawa-ken, and also 4 Star in Aichi-ken.

The total prize has raised to \24500000- and with this coming event the total will rise to \26000000-. As the largest scale pro tour domesticly, we have 12 surfers ranked from 101 to 200 in the world ranking this year which is a new record and the numbers can rise after this coming event.

The 1st seeded surfer for the event is Hiroto Ohara, followed by young guns of Arashi Kato and more. Top veterans Yujiro Tsuji and Izuki Tanaka will be present as well as high seeded surfers.

This event with the 64 man format will not have a seeded round therefore all surfers will make first appearance from round 1.

With large number of typhoons on the maps the event should be blessed with great waves. For the LQS 1 star event, Kapono Ahina(HAW) and Kekoa Awai and for the womens Miku Uemura(HAW) as well as Crystal Diaz(HAW) all top Hawaiian surfers will be present for the longboard event.

Stay tuned for official forecasts by Namidensetsu!!

「2013 MALIBU HYUGA PRO」will be broadcasted via internet throughout the event:


「2013 MALIBU HYUGA PRO」 is proudly supported by the following sponcors:

・ASAHI SOFT DRINK(アサヒ飲料株式会社)
・Go Pro

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