Sunday 13th, The pressure trough along with the chilly weather will pass through to the east further and the highs from mainland China will gain power and spread wide through further.

The easterly to south-east swell from the highs offshore Tokai Seas should retain and the northerly winds offshore should weaken a little and stop blocking the incoming swells. However as yesterday the north-east winds can cause damage to the wave surfaces.

Typhoon Wipha(No.26) cruising east of Philippines at a north-west direction of 15km/h, should send more south-east swell as early as later hours of 13th, Sunday.


Monday 14th, the highs covering the whole Japan area widely should move off shore towards the Tokai Seas slowly and a new pressure trough can move in from the west.

Typhoon Wipha(No.26) should gain more power and cruise further north west direction, and move closer to Okinawa by 14th, Monday.

The highs way off shore Tokai Seas and or highs moving off shore may send wind swells and
swells from Typhoon Wipha(No.26) should get active. However many elements including the east to north east winds from all elements above may cause and or to qualities including surfaces and the conditions may close out in the afternoon.




Typhoon Wipha(No.26) cruising east of Philippines at north west direction at 15km/h should change direction to north to north-east by 15th, Tuesday and by night hours of same day to early hours of 16th, Wednesday pass by south-east seas of Kyushu. After that the speed should gain and by the noon time of 16th, Wednesday pass pretty close to Kanto lands in the near seas.

The swell elements for Miyazaki seem to be promising most 15th Tuesday to 16th Wednesday.

More monitoring for elements including and or typhoons is required and all forecasts as of today are subject to change. Stay tuned for all latest forecasts


Official Forecasts: Kazuyuki Ogawa(Namidensetsu)